About Us
We are a Maltese couple, in our 30s with a passion for travel. We usually travel between four to six times a year and every time we travel we look for luxury accommodation with a good value for money. By experience we have grouped the most important requirements and features of affordable luxury accommodation and implemented all of them in our ‘Summer Breeze’ apartments in Sliema.

People who usually stay in hotels do so because they want added value, superior service and higher quality compared with self-catering accommodation. All of this is included in the price they pay. We offer the same added value, facilities, amenities and service but with a much lower price than any 5 star hotel in Malta. Our tenants enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Malta in a pleasant setting and place to sleep, relax and enjoy. All these claims are backed with honest reviews from previous guests.

We offer a personalised and impeccable service to all our customers, differently from a renting agency. You have different ways to contact us wherever you are. We will also help you plan your holiday in the Maltese islands, including car rental and tours above others, if required.

In this website, we are offering two luxurious two-bedroom genuinely designer finished corner apartments in the most sought award winning residential complex - Fort Cambridge. These two properties are packed with luxury and comfortable amenities and services .. just like home. In return we are expecting your respect for the property and its contents and your smile! We will be at your disposal to make your stay one of a kind, on the lovely Mediterranean island of Malta.

Do not hesitate to contact us with your request, comment or questions. We will be happy to hear from you and answer you back within 24 hours.